B.BOSS Wheels warrants to its original purchasers in the event of any wheel, during the first 3 years from the date of purchase, developing any fault due to workmanship. In provision of such an event, B.BOSS will repair or replace (at its option) the wheel free of charge.  Initially the wheel must be returned to B.BOSS for inspection.  Any structural fault of the wheel is covered by a lifetime warranty, excluding wheels damaged in accidents, by misuse or abuse.
Warranties do not extend to any damaged caused;

  1. to the clear coat on the wheel due to stones or other impacts.
  2. by accident, negligence or misuse occurring to the wheels whilst in transit.
  3. the wheel is not the size specified or by improper tyre mounting.
  4. by use of the wheel other than in accordance with normal road usage or damage or structural failure occurring as a result of racing applications.
  5. by alteration or repair to the wheel’s configuration from that of it’s original specifications.
  6. by partial or full disassembly and reassembly or any other interference to specifications.
  7. corrosion to the wheels due to chemicals or climatic conditions.

B.BOSS ensures;

  1. each wheel has been manufactured using high quality materials and advanced workmanship.
  2. each wheel has been manufactured for use upon motor vehicles travelling at proper speeds upon highways and roads in accordance with normal safe driving procedures.
  3. each wheel has been manufactured to suit certain applications in accordance with normal fitting procedures.

The company has manufactured each wheel for use upon motor vehicles travelling at proper speeds upon highways and roads in accordance with normal safe driving procedures. If it is intended to use the wheel for other purposes, then you should contact the company directly in writing before so doing.
B.BOSS is not responsible for any incidental, special or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of time, loss of profits, inconvenience or loss of the use of the vehicle and or costs associated there with.
Before fitting wheels and tyres ensure of the following;

  1. Tyre and wheel bead must be the same size.
  2. Each wheel must be fitted / tried on drum or hub to ensure adequate clearance.
  3. Do not use spacers or modify wheel to solve interference problems.
  4. Check to ensure that neither hub nor wheel stud are damaged.
  5. B.BOSS Wheels are designed to accept a 60 degree tapered nut.  These must be used when fitting new wheels to ensure that the taper on the nut matches correctly with that on the wheel.
  6. Mount the tyre according to the tyre mounting machine manufacturer’s instructions for aluminium alloy wheels, protecting surfaces of the wheel with a cover to avoid scratching or scraping.
  7. It is highly recommend that all wheels and tyres be balanced and use conventional adhesive weights on all alloy wheels.
  8. Wheel nuts or bolts must be tightened to the manufacturers recommended wheel nut torque requirements.
  9. Re-check wheel nut tension after first 150 km and again periodically.

To promote long life and attractive appearance, regularly clean wheels using a mild detergent in warm water unless other specified instructions are provided by the manufacturer for the cleaning of the wheel. Wash wheels with running water and dry with clean chamois.  We do not advise use of an abrasive on painted surfaces.
B.BOSS Wheels thanks you for your support and hopes to achieve a high satisfaction for all its customers.

B.BOSS Wheels.